Company activity history

Ajand Electronics Company, founded in 2017, leverages over a decade of scientific expertise in designing and producing electronic equipments. Initially, the company gained the trust of domestic air conditioning system manufacturers, successfully designing and producing smart electronic equipment for these clients.

In 2018, following an increase in capital from its shareholders, Ajand Electronics established automatic assembly lines, achieving a production capacity of 30,000 electronic boards per year. With a strong engineering and research and development team, the company expanded its portfolio to include widely-used electronic equipment for the air conditioning industry. By matching the quality of similar foreign products, Ajand Electronics has contributed to domestic production, created jobs, and reduced the outflow of foreign currency, thereby meeting the needs and demands of local companies and factories.

In 2022, Ajand Electronics earned membership in the Iran Air Conditioning Systems Manufacturers Association (IHMA) and participated in founding the Iran Air Conditioning Industry Component Manufacturers Association, joining its board of directors. These achievements underscore the company’s commitment to advancing the country’s air conditioning industry and enhancing its capabilities to meet market demands.

Research and Development

Focusing on the needs of our customers and the domestic market has driven us to continually innovate and expand. Leveraging the expertise of our engineers, we have consistently designed and launched new products tailored to meet market demands. Additionally, prioritizing the customization requests of our clients to suit their specific equipment has been a cornerstone of our operations.

Production and Assembly Department

With a production capacity exceeding 30,000 electronic boards annually and the use of advanced automatic assembly equipment, we ensure a reliable supply of high-quality parts and raw materials sourced from both domestic and international markets. This robust supply chain guarantees that the needs of the country’s air conditioning industry producers are met with timely and superior quality fulfillment of their orders.

Product quality guarantee

To ensure the highest quality of its products, Ajand Electronics has established comprehensive testing guidelines and developed various testers to evaluate product performance. Additionally, an integrated intelligent product tracking system has been implemented to monitor manufactured products and enhance precision throughout the testing process. This system ensures the consistent quality of the company’s products.

After-Sales Service

One of the primary concerns for companies in the air conditioning industry is providing timely and effective support to their customers. To address this, Ajand Electronics Group, as a specialist in electronics for the air conditioning sector, is dedicated to offering comprehensive services. These include consulting, equipment setup training, and additional support services to partner companies. Moreover, we ensure our assembly and repair technicians are thoroughly trained, reinforcing our commitment to exceptional after-sales service.