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Ajand Electronics at a glance

Ajand Electronic Company was established in 2018 and due to high experience of it’s founders in design and manufacturing electronic boards, we could successfully design and finalize smart boards with exclusive usage in Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. In first half of 2019 with gaining trust of main internal HVAC manufacturing factories, this company could sign unique contracts to mass product its productions.
The main factor lead this company to gain trust of internal and pioneer conpanies in this field is designing based on knownledge and responsing to every need of the customers in order to design unique and desired product for them.

Research & Develop team

Considering needs of our customers inside and outside of Iran’s markets led us not to live in the past and design new products according to needs of customers and send them to market with using expertise of our specialists. Responding to customers needs in design and produce unique production is the main priority of Ajand Electronics company.

Production line


By running automatic machine assembly lines and non-machine assembly line according to needs of inside and outside market, Ajand Electronics created capacity of manufacturing more than 20 thousand electronic boards in a year so by relying on it we can respond to some needs of inside and outside of Iran.

Quality Control

We believe that what attracts customers’ trust is not only the quality of the products produced, but also the continuity of the quality of the products. The company’s integrated intelligent quality control system provides the following facilities for different units by forming a certificate for each product produced:

1-Increase the efficiency and accuracy of personnel in the production and quality control stages
2-Monitor the process and production stages of each product
3-Troubleshooting and eliminating existing defects in production
4- Provide statistical reports

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